Prayer Points for Favour and Breakthrough

Every believer embarks on a journey, one filled with mountains and valleys, challenges and victories. At the heart of this journey lies the longing for God’s favour and the momentous breakthroughs it brings. Favour is that divine boost, lifting us above life’s hurdles, while breakthrough represents those defining moments when the walls holding us back come crashing down. When we read the pages of the Bible, we don’t just see stories; we see a legacy of individuals touched by God’s favour and propelled into their destined breakthroughs. As we venture into this topic of prayer points for favour and breakthrough, let’s come with faith, eager and expectant, knowing that the God of Abraham, Esther, and David is ever ready to grant us favour and usher us into our seasons of breakthrough.

Understanding Favour and Breakthrough from a Biblical Perspective:

The Bible, our guiding compass, is replete with profound insights about God’s promise of favour and the consequent breakthroughs it brings about. From the Old to the New Testament, scriptures underscore the transformative power of divine favour. 

In Genesis 39:21, we see Joseph, despite being in prison, receiving favour from the Lord which positioned him for a grand breakthrough — eventually rising to become Egypt’s second-in-command. In the New Testament, Mary, the mother of Jesus, received the ultimate favour when the angel Gabriel said to her, “Greetings, you who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you.” (Luke 1:28). This favour paved the way for the miraculous birth of Jesus, the saviour of the world.

Numerous men and women of faith have walked this path of divine favour and witnessed monumental breakthroughs. Take Esther, for instance. An ordinary Jewish girl turned queen, she found favour in the eyes of King Xerxes. This favour was pivotal for her breakthrough moment of saving the entire Jewish population in Persia. Then there’s Daniel, who, through his unwavering faith and God’s favour, had the mouths of lions shut, marking a supernatural breakthrough.

 These individuals, and many more, stand as shining examples. They illuminate the path for us, showing that with God’s favour, breakthroughs are not just possible, but assured.

Challenges to Experiencing Favour and Breakthrough:

As much as God’s desire is for His children to experience overflowing favour and life-changing breakthroughs, there are obstacles that stand as impediments on this divine path. Recognizing these challenges is the first step in overcoming them.

Our personal walk with God, if tainted with sin, can hinder the flow of His favour. Sin creates a chasm between the believer and God. Doubt, often birthed from past disappointments or waiting seasons, can cloud our spiritual vision, making it hard to see and believe in forthcoming breakthroughs. Unbelief, even more dangerous, is a silent killer of divine manifestations. As the Bible warns in Hebrews 3:12, a heart that turns away from the living God is engulfed in unbelief, and such a heart is far from experiencing His favour and breakthrough.

Beyond our personal barriers, believers also grapple with external challenges. Societal norms, peer pressures, and worldly distractions can misalign our focus from the promises of God. More covert yet potent is the spiritual opposition from the kingdom of darkness. The enemy is always on the prowl, seeking to derail God’s plans for our lives, challenging our entitlement to divine favour and breakthrough.

However, it’s essential to remember that, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. By recognizing these external influences and opposing forces, we can arm ourselves with the Word of God, standing firm in faith and awaiting our divinely appointed breakthroughs.

10 Prayer Points for Favour and Breakthrough:

In our walk with God, prayers serve as the bridge between our earthly struggles and heavenly solutions. As we lift our voices, seeking favour and breakthrough, let’s believe that our cries are not in vain, but that they reach the throne of the Almighty.

  1. Father in Heaven, I pray that You shower upon me unprecedented favour that positions me for divine breakthroughs in every area of my life.
  2. Oh Lord, open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings so abundant that I won’t have room enough to store them.
  3. Jehovah Jireh, remove every barrier of sin, doubt, and unbelief in my life, and let Your favour flow unhindered, ushering in tangible breakthroughs.
  4. Mighty God, let Your angels of favour and breakthrough go before me, making every crooked path straight and opening doors that no man can shut.
  5. Father, I decree and declare that every trap set by the enemy to hinder my favour and breakthrough is destroyed in Jesus’ name.
  6. King of Glory, let Your countenance shine upon me, let me find favour in the sight of men and before authorities, granting me breakthroughs beyond my wildest dreams.
  7. Oh Lord, every ancestral and generational curse that might be limiting my favour and breakthrough, I break them by the power in the blood of Jesus.
  8. Jehovah, let Your spirit of wisdom and understanding rest upon me, positioning me for divine insights that lead to favour and breakthrough.
  9. Everlasting Father, surround me with godly relationships and mentors that will guide me, counsel me, and usher me into realms of favour and divine breakthroughs.
  10. Lord Jesus, as I wait upon You, renew my strength, increase my faith, and let every day be a testament of Your favour and a step closer to my breakthrough.

As we offer up these prayers, may our hearts resonate with faith, expecting that our God, ever faithful and just, will answer and grant us the favour and breakthroughs we so earnestly seek. Amen.


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