Prayer Points For Divine Establishment
Prayer Points For Divine Establishment

In our walk with the Almighty, there’s an assurance that we are meant to be deeply rooted and unshakable, and that’s through divine establishment. It’s this establishment that makes challenges become stepping stones and turns oppositions into testimonies. Now, as we set our hearts on these prayer points for divine establishment, let’s remember that it’s God’s utmost desire to firmly plant His children on solid ground. Let our hearts burn with expectation, knowing our God is ever faithful to establish His own. Amen!

What is Divine Establishment?

Divine establishment is God’s special way of holding us firm in His plans. It’s not just about having good things; it’s about being steady and unshaken, even when troubles come.

When we say someone is divinely established, it means they are solid in their faith. Just like a tree that stays green because it’s by the river, this person remains strong because they are close to God.

God’s touch of establishment is clear. Such a person sees God’s hand in everything. Be it their family, health, work, or church activities, God’s blessings are evident. Challenges become stepping stones, and they find ways where others see walls.

To sum it up, divine establishment is God making sure we are strong and successful in His eyes. It means He is with us, guiding and helping us in every step. So, when we talk of someone being established by God, we mean they are protected, blessed, and always in line with God’s perfect will. Praise the Lord!

Why is Establishment Important for Christians

Our walk with Christ is a path with its fair share of challenges and triumphs. This is why establishment is vital. Being firmly established in Christ ensures our foundation remains unshaken, regardless of the storms we face.

An established Christian is deeply rooted in the Word, making decisions anchored in biblical truths. This rootedness not only guides personal actions but serves as a beacon of hope to others, showcasing the genuine power of faith.

Moreover, establishment fortifies us against the tricks and temptations of the enemy. As Christians, we are in a constant spiritual battle. Being well-grounded equips us with the necessary armor to fend off these spiritual onslaughts.

For every believer, being established is not just beneficial but essential. It fosters spiritual growth, bolsters our faith, and positions us as living testimonies of God’s unwavering love and power.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Establishment?

My dear brethren, in our spiritual journey, establishment carries a profound significance. It goes beyond worldly stability, delving into a rootedness anchored in the truths of the Almighty.

Spiritually speaking, to be established is to be deeply rooted in faith. Picture a tree by the waterside, continuously nourished, unaffected by the changing seasons. This tree represents those firmly grounded in the teachings and promises of God.

When someone is spiritually established, they reflect a life in harmony with God’s word. Their actions echo the teachings of Christ, and they move under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Challenges may come, but their faith remains unshaken, drawing from the wellspring of their divine connection.

Being spiritually established is not a mere status; it’s a journey of deepening one’s relationship with God. It’s about fortifying oneself with the scriptures, letting the Holy Spirit take the lead, and always seeking alignment with God’s divine purpose. Through this spiritual foundation, one remains steadfast, always shining the light of God’s truth, love, and grace in their path.

Examples of Divine Establishment in the Bible

The Bible, our guide to life’s mysteries, is filled with tales of God’s mighty hand establishing His servants in remarkable ways. These accounts inspire us to seek the same divine hand in our lives.

  1. Abraham: Originally Abram, he was established as the father of many nations. God’s covenant with him laid the foundation for the Israelites.
  2. Joseph: Despite being sold into slavery and wrongfully imprisoned, God established him as the second-in-command in Egypt, saving nations from famine.
  3. Moses: From a baby in a basket to the leader of the Israelites, God established Moses to lead His people out of Egyptian bondage.
  4. David: A shepherd boy turned king, David’s life is a testament to God’s establishment. God described him as a man after His own heart.
  5. Esther: A Jewish orphan who became a queen. God used her to save the entire Jewish population from annihilation.
  6. Peter: From a simple fisherman to the rock upon which Christ said He’d build His church, Peter’s life showcases divine establishment.
  7. Paul: Once a persecutor of Christians, he became a chief apostle. God established him to spread the gospel to the Gentiles.

These biblical figures, with their divinely orchestrated destinies, serve as a beacon of hope. They show that when God establishes an individual, their impact resonates through ages, affirming that with God, our potentials are limitless. Amen!

10 Prayer Points for Divine Establishment

As we seek to be firmly rooted in God’s purpose and plan, let’s raise our voices in prayer, asking for His touch of establishment in our lives.


  • Father, into Your mighty hands, I commit my life. Guide each step I take, making my path straight and in alignment with Your divine purpose.
  • O Lord, search my heart and uproot any thoughts, behaviors, or inclinations that stand as barriers to Your perfect will and establishment in my life.
  • Heavenly Father, may Your unparalleled favor and unwavering love be the bedrock upon which I build my life, ensuring every move I make resonates with Your blessings.
  • God of our lineage, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, transform my life into a beacon of Your covenant blessings, establishing me in areas where I’ve faced challenges.
  • Almighty Father, grant me the strength to remain undeterred by life’s storms, ensuring my faith stands firm, rooted deeply in Your truths.
  • Wisdom-Dispensing God, in every decision, big or small, let Your divine wisdom guide me, ensuring my choices bring glory to Your name.
  • Lord, as I walk daily, let the world witness Your mighty hand upon me, drawing souls to You through the testimony of Your establishment in my life.
  • Protective Father, shield my mind and heart from worldly distractions. Keep me steadfast, solely focused on Your divine purpose and direction.
  • Just as You lifted Joseph from the pit to the palace, elevate every downtrodden area of my life, showcasing Your transformative power.
  • In gratitude, I praise You, Father, for I step forth with faith, believing that this season of my life will be marked by evident divine establishment.

By God’s grace, we will step into a season where His mighty hand establishes every part of our lives. Amen!



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