Prayer Points for Family Protection and Guidance

Family — God’s first institution, a sanctuary of love, understanding, and unity. In these perilous times, with uncertainty looming and challenges knocking, it’s more crucial than ever to uplift our families in prayer. The essence of praying for our loved ones isn’t just about seeking physical protection but also spiritual guidance. By earnestly seeking the face of the Lord, we ensure that His encompassing shield is always around our families, guarding every member from harm’s way. This article serves as a guide, providing prayer points for family protection and guidance, to help navigate the storms and ensure our homes remain a place of peace and God’s presence. In Jesus’ name, as we journey through these prayer points, may every family find the protective embrace and guiding hand of our Heavenly Father.

The Family as the Pillar of Every Society

The Bible tells us that the family is not just a random assembly of individuals but a divine and purposeful institution established by God Himself. From the early chapters of Genesis, it is evident that the family has been at the heart of God’s plan. When God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make a helper suitable for him,” (Genesis 2:18), He was laying the foundation for the family.

The Family as God’s First Institution

In the divine scheme of things, before churches, governments, and other societal structures came into existence, the family was established. It serves as a training ground, a place of nurturing, discipline, love, and understanding. In families, values are imparted, principles are learned, and the bedrock of society’s moral compass is set.

The Spiritual Significance of a United Family  

The power of unity in the family has spiritual dimensions beyond our comprehension. The Bible says in Matthew 18:19, “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Imagine then, the potency of a family united in prayer and purpose! A united family stands as a formidable force against the enemy’s plots, pulling down strongholds and achieving divine purposes. When families stay rooted in God’s word, they reflect the love and unity of the Trinity, serving as an earthly representation of heavenly truths. In essence, a spiritually united family becomes a beacon of hope, showcasing God’s power and love to the world around them.

The Attacks Against Modern Families

The adversary, the devil, prowls around, seeking whom he may devour. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no secret that the family – the foundational unit of society – is under immense pressure. This is not by accident. There is a deliberate strategy from the kingdom of darkness to destabilize, disintegrate, and ultimately destroy the family institution.

Now, more than ever, there’s an erosion of the values that held families together. Technology, while beneficial, has introduced distractions, pulling members away from communal bonding. Children and parents alike are often engrossed in screens, reducing the quality time spent together. Furthermore, modern lifestyles, with their demands and stresses, often leave little room for family prayers, gatherings, and spiritually enriching activities.

On another front, there’s a redefinition of family values in popular culture, often contrary to biblical principles. We see a rising wave of materialism, where success is primarily measured in wealth and possessions, pushing many to chase after worldly pleasures at the expense of familial bonds.

But the most subtle and dangerous attack is the attempt to redefine the very essence of family, steering away from God’s original blueprint. It’s not just about external pressures; there’s a battle for the minds and hearts of each family member.

Beloved, as the enemy intensifies his onslaught on families, it becomes crucial for us to be aware, stand in the gap, and continuously uplift our families in prayer, seeking God’s protection and guidance. Only then can we weather the storms and keep our families anchored in Christ.

Steps to Securing Your Family with Prayer

Every home is a sanctuary, a sacred place where God’s love, guidance, and protection should be felt the most. In our challenging world, where families face various threats, both spiritual and physical, it becomes paramount for every believer to fortify their household with the unfailing tool God has given us – prayer. Let’s explore how to deeply entrench this divine security measure in our homes.

Daily Declarations:

The Word of God encourages us to declare and it shall be established. Start each day by proclaiming God’s blessings, protection, and favour over your family. By doing this, you’re not just wishing; you’re activating God’s promises for your household.

The Importance of Collective Family Prayer:

When the family comes together in unity to pray, there’s a special kind of strength and grace that’s unleashed. It’s an occasion where the bond of the family is reinforced, and God’s presence is heavily felt. This unity in prayer forms a hedge of protection around the family that the enemy struggles to breach.

Encouraging Personal Prayer Among Family Members:

Personal prayer is the bedrock of individual spiritual growth. Every family member should have a deep, personal relationship with God. Encourage and nurture this culture of individual prayer. When each person is spiritually fortified, the entire family stands stronger in faith and unity.

Let us remember that our families are gifts from God. It’s our duty, as believers, to ensure that our homes are covered, guided, and protected by the shield of prayer.

10 Prayer Points for Family Protection and Guidance

Without the divine shield of God’s protection and guidance, even the strongest unit can face challenges. Let us lift our voices to the heavens, seeking God’s unfailing refuge for our families with these prayer points for family protection and guidance:

  1. Father, we decree that our family is covered by the blood of Jesus; no harm shall befall us, and no plague shall come near our dwelling.
  2. Lord, we pray for unity in our family; let every seed of discord be uprooted in Jesus’ name.
  3. Heavenly Father, guide the steps of every member of this family; lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil.
  4. Oh Lord, bless the work of our hands and make us a shining example of Your abundance and favor.
  5. Jehovah, surround our family with godly counsel and friendships that will strengthen and uplift us.
  6. Father, grant every member of this family discernment to recognize the enemy’s schemes and the wisdom to avoid them.
  7. Lord Jesus, let Your peace that surpasses all understanding reign in our family; let not our hearts be troubled.
  8. Almighty God, anoint and empower the younger ones in our family; let them grow in Your knowledge, standing strong in faith.
  9. Lord, we commit our family’s health into Your hands; shield us from sickness and give us strength in our bodies and minds.
  10. Father, let our family be a beacon of Your love, grace, and power in our community, drawing many to You.

Let our family never stray from the umbrella of Your protection and guidance. Amen.


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