Prayer Points for Excellent Spirit

My beloved in Christ, an excellent spirit is a gift that sets individuals apart, propelling them into greatness just as it did for Daniel in the land of Babylon. As we fervently desire this distinguishing trait, it’s essential to immerse ourselves in prayer. These prayer points for excellent spirit to help us draw closer to God, seeking His divine touch that our spirits may shine brightly with excellence in all we do. Let’s plunge deep into these prayers with faith and expectation.

What are Examples of an Excellent Spirit?

My dear people of God! When we talk about an excellent spirit, we refer to a divine quality that elevates a person, making them stand out in the midst of many. This spirit was evident in the life of Daniel and can be seen in various forms in our world today. Here are some examples of an excellent spirit:

  1. Unwavering Integrity: Just like Daniel, a person with an excellent spirit is truthful and upright, even when no one is watching or when faced with temptations.
  2. Diligence: They are hardworking, always giving their best in every task, not out of compulsion but out of a genuine desire to excel.
  3. Consistent Prayer Life: A deep and consistent connection with God, seeking His face in all situations, understanding that their strength and wisdom come from Him.
  4. Wisdom and Understanding: Such individuals have a depth of insight, often perceiving solutions and understanding complex situations more than others.
  5. Leadership: An excellent spirit often propels individuals into leadership roles, guiding and influencing others positively.
  6. Unyielding Faith: No matter the challenges or oppositions, their faith in God remains unshakable, drawing strength from their trust in Him.
  7. Compassion and Kindness: They exhibit genuine love, always seeking the good of others, often putting others before themselves.
  8. Hunger for Knowledge: Always seeking to learn and grow, understanding that the journey of excellence requires constant development.
  9. Peace in the Midst of Storms: Even in turbulent times, they remain calm, drawing peace from their relationship with God.
  10. Positive Influence: Their presence often brings positive change, influencing environments, and people towards God’s light.

An excellent spirit is a combination of godly virtues and qualities that reflect Christ. As we strive for this spirit, may we be inspired by these examples, seeking to embody them in our daily lives, that we too may shine brightly for the Kingdom. Amen!

Who Are Those With Excellent Spirit in the Bible?

My dear brethren, the Bible, our sacred guide, is rich with accounts of men and women who displayed an excellent spirit, shining brightly in their times, and leaving legacies for generations. Here are some of these giants of faith:

  1. Daniel: The classic example, he was described as having an excellent spirit. His wisdom, dedication to prayer, and unwavering integrity set him apart in the courts of Babylon and Persia.
  2. Joseph: Despite facing betrayal, false accusations, and imprisonment, Joseph’s spirit remained unbroken. His wisdom and ability to interpret dreams made him a prime minister in Egypt.
  3. Esther: This brave queen showcased an excellent spirit by risking her life to save her people. Her wisdom and courage are profound examples of godly excellence.
  4. David: From a shepherd boy to the king of Israel, David displayed a heart that sought after God’s own heart. His psalms reflect his deep connection and commitment to the Lord.
  5. Ruth: In the face of adversity, Ruth’s loyalty to Naomi and her dedication to God showcased a spirit of excellence, leading her to become the great-grandmother of King David.
  6. Abigail: Her quick thinking and wise words prevented a bloody conflict between David and her husband Nabal, showcasing her discerning and excellent spirit.
  7. Stephen: Filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom, Stephen boldly proclaimed the gospel, becoming the first martyr of the Christian faith.
  8. Barnabas: Known as the “son of encouragement”, Barnabas played a crucial role in the early church, supporting new believers and spreading the message of Christ with zeal.
  9. Lydia: A businesswoman who was attentive to Paul’s teachings. She became an influential figure in the early church, displaying her excellent spirit through her hospitality and commitment to the gospel.
  10. Timothy: Mentored by Paul, Timothy displayed an excellent spirit in his dedication to the gospel, his commitment to the church, and his unwavering faith.

These biblical figures, with their exemplary lives, show us that an excellent spirit is rooted in a deep relationship with God, unwavering faith, and a commitment to righteousness. May their lives inspire us to seek and cultivate that same spirit of excellence in our own journey with the Lord. Amen!

20 Prayer Points for Excellent Spirit

An excellent spirit is not just about standing out, but it reflects a deep alignment with God’s standards and virtues. As we delve into these prayer points for excellent spirit, let’s fervently seek this divine touch, aspiring for an excellent spirit that glorifies our Heavenly Father. 

  1. Heavenly Father, I seek an excellent spirit like Daniel; grant me grace to stand out in all I do.
  2. Lord, purify my heart and mind, that my actions and thoughts may always reflect Your excellence.
  3. Father, fill me with Your wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to excel in every endeavor.
  4. O God, remove every trait, habit, or thought that hinders the manifestation of an excellent spirit in me.
  5. I decree divine guidance in all my decisions, that I might walk in the path of excellence.
  6. Lord, grant me the grace to remain diligent, focused, and consistent in my pursuit of excellence.
  7. Father, let Your Spirit empower me to lead and influence others positively, reflecting Your standard of excellence.
  8. Jehovah, help me to always seek knowledge and understanding, that I might grow in excellence.
  9. I reject the spirit of mediocrity; I embrace the spirit of excellence in Jesus’ name.
  10. Lord, like Joseph, let my life showcase excellence, even in adversity.
  11. Father, grant me favor in the eyes of men and open doors of opportunities for me to display Your excellence.
  12. I pray for an unwavering integrity that showcases an excellent spirit, irrespective of circumstances.
  13. Holy Spirit, be my guide and teacher, leading me to live a life that epitomizes excellence.
  14. Lord, strengthen my faith and resolve, that I might not waver in my commitment to excellence.
  15. Father, let my actions, words, and thoughts always bring glory to Your name, reflecting true excellence.
  16. I pray for divine encounters and connections that propel me into realms of excellence.
  17. Lord, just like Esther, grant me courage and wisdom to make excellent choices that impact generations.
  18. Father, in every area of my life, whether big or small, let Your excellence be evident.
  19. I receive the grace to be a beacon of excellence in my family, workplace, community, and church.
  20. Thank You, Lord, for the spirit of excellence is my portion, and I will shine brightly for Your glory. Amen!

As we raise these prayers to the heavens, may our lives become a testament to God’s excellence. Let our paths shine brighter, and our impacts be felt more profoundly as we manifest this excellent spirit. Stay blessed and favored! Amen!


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