Prayer Points for Divine Intervention

Divine visitation, my brethren, is when the Almighty God shows up in a mighty way. From the days of old till now, when God intervenes, situations turn around. For anyone hungry for this touch from above, engaging in fervent prayer for divine intervention is the key. May the Lord visit you as you seek Him! Amen!

What does the Bible say about divine intervention?

When we dive deep into the sacred pages of the Holy Bible, we see the mighty hand of God moving in mysterious ways! Hallelujah!

  1. The Mighty Exodus: Can somebody remember how our God, the El-Shaddai, made a way where there seemed to be no way? The Red Sea stood as an obstacle before the Israelites, but when God stepped in, the waters parted! Oh, what a mighty God we serve! (Exodus 14)
  2. Daniel in the Lion’s Den: Brothers and sisters, even when enemies plotted against Daniel and threw him into the den of lions, Jehovah Jireh, the God who sees, shut the mouths of those lions. Daniel’s enemies expected a feast, but our God had other plans! (Daniel 6)
  3. Miracles of Jesus: In the land of Galilee, when there was no wine left at the wedding, Jesus, our Messiah, turned water into wine! And when Lazarus was in the grave for four days, Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth!” and death had to release him. Somebody shout “Amen!” (John 2:1-11, John 11:43-44)
  4. Peter’s Miraculous Escape: In Acts 12, chains couldn’t hold Apostle Peter down. When an angel of the Lord appeared, chains fell off, and prison gates opened by themselves. When God intervenes, no barrier can stand against His purpose!

The Bible is filled with testimonies of our God’s divine intervention! When you feel lost or surrounded by challenges, remember these accounts. Let them strengthen your faith and remind you that the same God who acted then is still in the business of divine intervention today.¬†

What are the characteristics of divine intervention?

Divine intervention involves the mighty move of God in the affairs of men. It’s a glorious spectacle, an undeniable act of the Almighty. Let’s dive into the characteristics of this mighty move!

  1. Suddenness: Just when you least expect it, the God of Suddenly steps in! Just like when He delivered the Israelites from the Egyptian army at the Red Sea. One moment, it seemed all hope was lost, and the next, a way was made! Hallelujah!
  2. Supernatural Nature: Divine interventions go beyond human understanding and capability. Like the walls of Jericho falling flat after a shout, or Jesus feeding thousands with five loaves and two fish; it’s God’s super meeting our natural!
  3. Transformation: When God intervenes, situations turn around! The barren becomes fruitful, the sick are healed, and the captive set free! Our God is a chain breaker!
  4. Timeliness: The God of perfect timing! He steps in at the appointed time. Though it tarries, wait for it, for it will surely come! 
  5. Purposeful: Every act of divine intervention has a purpose. Whether it’s to bring glory to His name, deliver His children, or set a divine plan in motion, there’s always a heavenly reason.
  6. Unmistakable: When God moves, there’s no doubt about it! It leaves a mark, a testimony that shouts, “The Lord did this!” Just like when Lazarus came forth from the grave, there was no questioning the power at play.

So, dear ones, as we journey in this world, let us be attentive and filled with faith, knowing that our God is always ready to intervene in our affairs, displaying these wonderful characteristics. And as we witness them, may our hearts continually sing praises to the King of Kings! Amen!

What are the different types of divine intervention?

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, when we speak of the Almighty’s intervention in our lives, we are referencing a variety of ways God showcases His love and power. Let’s dive into understanding these wondrous acts!

  1. Miraculous Healings: Recall the blind Bartimaeus or the woman with the issue of blood? When God intervenes with healing, diseases vanish, and ailments are no more. Oh, the healing virtue of Jesus!
  2. Supernatural Provision: Just as the widow of Zarephath experienced, when it seems resources are scarce, God’s hand can turn little into plenty! The God who multiplies is still in our midst!
  3. Protection and Deliverance: Remember Daniel in the lion’s den or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace? The Lord steps in to shield and rescue His own from harm’s way. The God of angel armies is by our side!
  4. Revelatory: Sometimes, God intervenes by revealing deep mysteries and truths. Think of Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus or John on the island of Patmos. He unveils, enlightens, and directs!
  5. Restoration: Like the prodigal son, sometimes divine intervention brings about restoration – lost relationships mended, fortunes returned, and destinies restored. Our God is the God of second chances!
  6. Divine Appointments: Ever found yourself in the right place at the right time? That’s God orchestrating events, setting up divine meetings and opportunities. He orders our steps!
  7. Nature-Altering: God’s might displayed through nature, like the parting of the Red Sea or the calming of the storm by Jesus, reminds us that creation bows to its Creator.

Beloved, the ways of our God are manifold and beyond human comprehension. These types of divine intervention are but a glimpse into how the Almighty works in the lives of His children. So, keep your faith alive and your eyes lifted, for our God is ever-ready to move in ways that will leave us in awe! Glory to His name! Amen!

10 Prayer Points for Divine Intervention 

Let us fervently approach the throne of grace, expecting God’s mighty hand to move in our situations. Join me as we raise these prayer points to the Almighty.

  1. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I stand upon the promises of Your word, asking for Your divine intervention in every area of my life.
  2. Oh Lord, every mountain standing against my progress, by Your divine intervention, let them crumble now!
  3. Jehovah Nissi, let Your intervention scatter every plan and agenda of the enemy against my destiny.
  4. My Father, my Maker, by Your divine intervention, turn every disappointment in my life into a divine appointment.
  5. Oh Lord of Hosts, intervene in my health, my finances, and my family; let every chain of stagnation be broken!
  6. Father, let Your divine intervention move me from the backside to the forefront, from obscurity to prominence.
  7. Every foundational power opposing my breakthrough, by the divine intervention of the Most High, be uprooted now!
  8. Jehovah Jireh, I pray for divine intervention in my finances. Open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings I cannot contain.
  9. My Father, my Defender, let Your intervention speak for me in places where I cannot speak for myself.
  10. Oh Lord, before this month ends, let me experience Your divine intervention in a mighty way that will leave no doubt that You are the God of miracles.

May these prayers ascend to the heavens and prompt divine action on our behalf. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray! Amen!


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