Prayer Points for a Successful Conference


Welcome brethren as today we’ll be dealing with “Prayer Points for a Successful Conference.” The conference is not just a gathering of men and women, but a meeting point of divine destinies. It’s a convergence of heavenly agenda and earthly vessels. Paul reminds us in Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”

When believers come together under one roof for a conference, it’s not just another event. It is a divine setup for spiritual renewals, kingdom networking, and even breakthroughs! Therefore, it becomes imperative that we approach it with the seriousness it deserves, beginning with fervent prayers.

We are about to delve deeper into the workings of a successful conference, guided by heavenly wisdom. To God be the glory! Amen and Amen!

The Role of a Conference in the Kingdom Work

Remember in the book of Acts, chapter 2, how the disciples gathered in the Upper Room? That gathering was not ordinary; it was a divine conference where the Holy Spirit was poured out, and the church was empowered!

Similarly, in Acts 15, the apostles and elders convened in Jerusalem to deliberate on matters affecting the early church. Ah, decisions were made that shaped the trajectory of Christianity!

So, you see, my beloved, a conference serves multiple divine purposes, including:

  1. Spiritual Renewal: It is a time to recharge spiritually, just like the disciples in the Upper Room.

2.. Divine Wisdom: Conferences often feature anointed men and women of God whose teachings and revelations can impart wisdom and understanding.

  1. Kingdom Networking: Conferences provide an avenue for divine connections. Who knows the Joseph to your dreams may be sitting right next to you!
  2. Prayer and Warfare: There is something about collective prayer that shakes the heavens. Corporate prayer during conferences pulls down strongholds!
  3. Manifestation of Gifts: During conferences, spiritual gifts are often stirred and activated, equipping believers for greater works.

Understanding the significance of a conference from a biblical lens puts us in the right frame of mind to make spiritual preparations, of which prayer is chief! 

Challenges to a Successful Conference: Identifying the Roadblocks

Every good thing is opposed by the enemy. Even as we set the stage for a conference, various challenges are lurking around, eager to disrupt God’s plans, that’s why prayer points for a successful conference become important. These challenges might include:

  1. Logistical Issues: The planning and execution of a conference can become a burden. Ah, from venue to seating arrangements, everything requires divine guidance.
  2. Financial Constraints: Hosting a conference often comes with financial obligations. Without sufficient funds, the event may suffer.
  3. Low Attendance: Sometimes, despite excellent planning, the turnout may be lower than expected. This can be discouraging to the organizers.
  4. Spiritual Attacks: The enemy is not happy about kingdom’s advancement. There may be targeted spiritual attacks against the speakers, organizers, and even attendees.
  5. Lack of Unity: “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?” (Amos 3:3). A lack of unity can hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Distractions: Sometimes the devil doesn’t need to stop the conference; a little distraction is enough to take people’s focus off what God wants to do.

Now, equipped with this knowledge, we can direct our prayers more accurately to counter these roadblocks. Ah, are you ready to bulldoze every hindrance through prayer? Then let’s proceed to the next section. Amen!

Prayer Points for a Successful Conference

The Bible says in James 5:16, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” So, brethren, here are 20 Prayer Points for a Successful Conference.

  1. Divine Presence: Father, we invite Your divine presence to take full control of this conference. Let Your glory fill this place!
  2. Financial Provision: Jehovah Jireh, we ask for abundant financial provision for every aspect of this conference.
  3. Logistical Success: Lord, let every logistical arrangement align perfectly for the success of this conference. No mistakes, no errors!
  4. High Attendance: Father, stir up the hearts of people to attend in multitudes. Let the hall be filled to capacity!
  5. Protection: Father, we cover every attendee, speaker, and organizer with the blood of Jesus. No harm shall befall us!
  6. Spiritual Receptivity: Lord, prepare the hearts of every attendee to receive from You. Remove every scale from our eyes!
  7. Unity: We bind the spirit of discord and release the spirit of unity among the organizers and attendees.
  8. Speaker’s Anointing: Father, anoint every speaker with fresh oil. Let them speak as oracles of God!
  9. Breakthroughs: Ah, we decree that this conference will be a point of breakthrough, spiritually, emotionally, and even financially for attendees.
  10. Divine Connections: Father, orchestrate divine connections and kingdom partnerships during this conference.
  11. Flow of the Holy Spirit: Lord, let there be a free flow of the Holy Spirit. Let signs and wonders follow!
  12. Safety: Jehovah, We declare that everyone will journey to and from the conference safely, without any accidents or incidents.
  13. Clarity and Focus: We come against every form of distraction that may hinder the success of this conference.
  14. Spiritual Warfare: Father, we dismantle every spiritual opposition against this conference in the name of Jesus!
  15. Good Weather: Father, we ask for favorable weather conditions throughout the duration of the conference.
  16. Technology: Lord, let all technological equipment function perfectly. No failures or disruptions!
  17. Healing: We decree that there will be healing and deliverance in the atmosphere during the conference.
  18. Revelation: Father, let there be a release of divine revelations and prophetic insights.
  19. Commitment: Lord, stir up the spirit of commitment and participation among all attendees and organizers.
  20. Thanksgiving: Lastly, Father, we thank You in advance for the guaranteed success of this conference.

Brothers and sisters, engage these prayer points with your spirit, soul, and body. Stand in the gap and watch God move in miraculous ways during the conference. Amen and Amen!


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